Wet Cleaning Services

Welcome to our Wet Cleaning section, where we proudly introduce our environmentally friendly garment cleaning method. At ARIZONA, we understand the importance of preserving both your garments and the environment. Explore the details of our wet cleaning service and its numerous benefits.

What is Wet Cleaning?

What is Wet Cleaning?

Wet cleaning is a cutting-edge garment cleaning method that prioritizes environmental sustainability and garment care. Unlike traditional dry cleaning, wet cleaning utilizes water and specialized detergents, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of fabrics, including those labelled “dry clean only.”

Benefits of Wet Cleaning:

Environmental Friendliness:
Stain Removal and Fabric Care:
Cost-Effective and Versatile:

Why Choose Wet Cleaning?

At ARIZONA, we recommend wet cleaning for its exceptional benefits, especially for those seeking an eco-friendly and gentle approach to garment care. Our expert team pays careful attention to care labels, ensuring each item receives the most suitable and effective cleaning method.

Why Choose Wet Cleaning?

Cool Chemistry – Our new way of washing.

Introducing Cool Chemistry, a revolutionary laundry concept that significantly impacts overall laundry costs. This innovative approach is based on cutting-edge chemicals, carefully combined with a well-balanced wash process. Cool Chemistry empowers washing at lower temperatures, delivering outstanding wash quality, bleaching, and disinfection results starting from 40°C.

Cool Chemistry, a patented system successfully implemented in over 200 laundries across Europe, offers a total ecological wash concept tailored for the gentle yet highly effective treatment of hospitality and healthcare linen.

The components of Cool Chemistry include Cool Care Detergent, featuring innovative surfactants and an enzymatic cocktail activated from 40°C onwards, and Cool Asepsis Disinfectant, providing excellent bleaching and disinfection from 40°C, with no odor and compliance with EN1276, EN1650, and EN13704.

The adapted wash process ensures a neutral pH, reduced salts, and enables low temperature washing, making it compatible with all existing process setups.


Optimized Operations:

This Cool Chemistry process signifies a significant improvement for our company, offering a more environmentally friendly and efficient solution for laundry care.